Still my baby

My girls were not feeling well today, most especially not Boo Bear (my 2.5 yr old). It was a wonderful day…and I don’t mean that sarcastically. I hate it when they don’t feel good. It makes me feel horrible, but I love how loving, sweet, and affectionate children are when they don’t feel well. B was an angel most of the day (until daddy came home, but she was tired and he was tired…just doesn’t make things easy). Boo Bear laid around all day watching tv (yes, I’m a horrible mom, shush) and was so clingy. “Hold me, Mommy.” “Pick me up, Mommy.” I got lots of snuggles and almost no whining. Wow. It was a sweet day. I most especially enjoyed bedtime (which took over an hour). I read to her, snuggled w/ her, sang to her, and finally rocked her. None of those things worked of course, and eventually, she ended up in my lap in front of America’s Got Talent reruns…where she finally fell asleep…..until I put her in the bed and had to stand there by her bed until she fell back to sleep again. If it were any other day, I’d be so frustrated and worried about everything else I needed to get done. Worried that I was missing “Mommy/Daddy time.” But not today. Not when my baby is sick. On those days, everything else can wait. On those days, she’s my baby.


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