My first simple solution

About a month ago, I realized we had a major problem. Our 10 month old was literally eating the finish off of her crib. We had the front covered with one of those plastic teething guards handed down to us from my sister-in-law. We had used the same one w/ my oldest and never had any issues. Well, B (the oldest) was in a different crib…which incidentally had taller rails on each end that could not be reached by little teeth (and a lighter-colored finish that didn’t show it as much anyway), so I hadn’t put too much thought into this being an issue w/ little S and her new crib. Boy was I in for a surprise. See, when you enter the room, you are facing the end of her crib…which is where I usually pick her up from. I hadn’t noticed anything to cause any alarm. There were some teeth marks on the long side of the crib from before we added the plastic cover, but funnily enough, those were actually made from outside the crib by my 2-year-old. Anyway, long story short, one day I went in to get Miss S and this time walked around the crib talking to her only to gasp when I saw that she had been chewing the mess out of the side of that crib. It was just on the inside of the rail and I hadn’t noticed. I IMMEDIATELY got online to fix the problem…or stop it in its tracks. I thought surely they have something out there to cover the ends right. Maybe a wider version of the plastic cover. I found this:

Not bad, right? Many of you have probably seen something like this. However, we are po’. Too poor for the o and the r. Ok, maybe not that poor. But we’re on a tight budget…even tighter since I quit my job to stay home. I thought, “This is just a piece of fabric. There has got to be a way I can make this cheaper.” Think. Think. Think. So what do I do? What I always do when I have a problem. Call my mom, of course. Mom’s suggestion? Use a towel.

Me: “How in the heck am I going to attach a towel?!”
Mom: “Um, use velcro…or tie it.”
Me: “How can I do that without attaching it?”
Mom: “Wrap it around.”
Me: (feeling VERY stupid) “Oh. Yeah. That makes sense.”

So, to get to the very long point. Here’s what I ended up with:

Maybe not quite as pretty, but I gussied it up as best I could by tying it on with pretty ribbon I just happened to have left from decorating her room. It will work just fine for the short amount of time it is needed. And guess what. It didn’t cost me a thing. That’s the kind of solutions I like.

Coming Soon: Baby jar and Ziploc bag organization AND make your own recycled toys


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