All Aboard the Potty Train!

I started trying to potty train Boo Bear back on my Christmas Break, and pretty much found it wasn’t working. It was too busy of a time. So with the advice of others, I decided to wait until Summer. The first summer after they turn 2 is what I’d been told. Well, here we are in August, and this child is still not potty trained. Not even close. I thought she would be a breeze to train. It’s been up and down. We’ve had a few good days here and there, but now she doesn’t want to go on the potty at all. It doesn’t help that I’m completely inconsistent and can’t remember to take her on a schedule. I mean, I can’t even remember to go myself half the time when I’m home alone w/ them. How am I supposed to remember to take someone else? How is this ever going to get accomplished? I even tried setting alarms on my phone to take her every 30 minutes, but I got so annoyed w/ them that I quit. It felt like every time the alarm went off again, I had just finished taking her. I’m so at a loss. I have no clue what I’m doing, and I’d like to figure it out before Lil S needs to be trained….and before we think about having another. I can’t afford 3 in diapers!


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