Amazing Moments

I had an amazing mommy moment today. My daughter sang the words to Jesus Loves Me! The actual words! Up until this point, she has sang “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” over and over with “bible” thrown in here and there. But today, after watching a video of 4-year-olds from a Mom’s Day Out group singing the song, she suddenly sings, “Yes, Jesus wufs me. Bible tells me soooo.” I melted. MELTED. It was amazing. I thought, “Finally. She IS learning something we’re trying to teach her.”

After tricking her into singing it into the phone for my mother to hear and convincing her the camera was not on, so I could video her singing it again (b/c there was no way she was going to do it for the camera), I was so excited when she finally decided to sing it for daddy at the dinner table….about 6 times…..with us clapping along….and a long vibrato on the last time:) I swear, I almost cried. And hubs looked as happy as he could be. We were both glowing it was a special time.

We followed it up by sitting at the table together after dinner and coloring. All 3 of us. Each with our very own coloring book. I loved that moment. The best dinner ever.


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