I’ve moved and I’m back!

Hello all! Living With Grace and Joy has moved here and is now “Fully Mothering”….as you can see.

My family has entered a new chapter in our lives, and it has given me a renewed vision for blogging. I feel as though I really have something to say now. Well, I’ve always had something to say, but now I have something worthwhile to talk about.

With the birth of our precious little Hope and everything that followed, I feel there needs to be a record for her, for me, for another mother someday, somewhere going through similar difficulties.

That being sad, be warned that you can expect honesty. What we’re dealing with is real. Real life. Real hard. I’m not going to mince words. I’m going to tell you how I really feel, what I’m really going through, so that 1) others can gain just a little bit of understanding of what this really feels like, and 2) some day when another parent dealing with a child with special needs reads this, they will know that what they are feeling isn’t new. They aren’t a horrible person for feeling that way. That someone else has been there.

This isn’t going to be a place to just tell all my happy stories and make everyone think I’m amazingly perfect and I’ve got everything under control. I’m not. I’m not the Super Mom everyone thinks I am. You’re going to get to know the real me.

Of course, that isn’t all this blog is about. I’ll be sharing all kinds of things about mothering, homemaking, homeschooling, even some organization tips. I hope you hang around. I’d love for you to get to know me and my family. You’ll get to know my little girls, Grace – age 3, Joy – almost 2, and Hope – 3 mos old. They are a wonderful blessing, and they are daily teaching me to be graceful, joyful and hopeful. That’s really what this journey is all about – experiencing motherhood…fully. All the ups. All the downs. All the in betweens.

Disclaimer: For those that know me, I’m not using the girls first names for safety and privacy reasons. Please consider this when commenting. Thanks.


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