Glowing Recommendations

You never want to hear that your child needs neurosurgery…let alone 3 times before she’s 3.5 months old. However, if it has to be done, it helps to know you’ve got a good surgeon. Not just a good surgeon, but a great pediatric neurosurgeon who is a leader among his peers.

We’ve been lucky to find that. Well, we didn’t find him…our wonderful pediatrician did.

Really…..God did.

Ok, I’m pretty sure He didn’t have to find him. He already knew where he was… know, being God and all. But you get what I’m saying.

Anyway, neurosurgery is never something you want your child to have to endure. Or any surgery for that matter. But it sure does make a mama feel better when every person you speak to has nothing but good things to say about your surgeon. Not just good things, WONDERFUL things.

Things like, “I’d let him operate on my grandchildren.”

“He’s the ONLY neurosurgeon I’d let operate on my children.”

Our nurse last night even told us that when she had to take her 22 year old, married daughter to see neuro because of a seizure, she begged to have her see the pediatric neurosurgeon rather than the regular adult docs.

Now that’s saying something.

When he got the results of Hope’s CT scan on Friday, he called us right away. Not someone from his office. He called himself. Not only did he call. He spoke to my husband and I individually, explaining his findings and answering all of our questions.

I never feel like he’s in a hurry. He always answers all our questions, and he never makes us feel stupid. He’s confident in his work without being arrogant (arrogance seems to be a common trait among doctors….not all, but many). He gave us confidence in his work.

To sum it up, if your child ever needs to have neurosurgery (and Lord willing, he/she won’t), take them to Dr. Lenwood Smith. He may be a little “weird,” but I’ll take a little quirkiness with skill and expertise any day.

After all, I’ve never met a genius without a healthy dose of oddness thrown in. How’s that for redundancy?


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