Ask and it will be given

Hope had quite a day. She had an MRI with sedation, but came back to her room awake, mad and kicking. A good sign.

We spoke with the neurologist at length. He looked at both of her recent MRIs and saw no real difference. No change that would concern him. He some common abnormalities on all of them, but those may or may not mean anything. He did confirm that there had been no seizure activity on the EEG.

She was stuck at least 7 times today to get a new IV….with no success.

Two nurses came up from the ER to give it a shot. I told them they had one chance…and I was serious.

The only good vein they could find left from the 15+ sticks she’s had in 3 days was in her head. I was hesitant to allow it. Hope’s nurse thought it best to check before allowing this because of her recent head surgery. They were told to wait until Dr. Smith came to talk to us this evening before doing anything…to let him make the call.

Thank the Lord we didn’t let them do it! He said she does NOT need another IV. Her post-op antibiotic has “expired.” She doesn’t need it anymore. No more sticks. I only wish we’d known that before those 7+ other needless needle pokes that blew out her already fragile veins. I mean, it’s no wonder her hemoglobin was low.

Dr. Smith came to see us this evening. There is something about him that makes him trustworthy. He says it, and you just believe it. We told him our concerns about her behavior (though it was slightly improving. She had starting gripping my finger again, and tracking somewhat). He thought it was just one of those “bumps in the road.” Her non-swollen fontanel (soft spot) apparently tells him all he needs to know. He is hopeful and optimistic that she will not need the decompression surgery. No promises, but “the numbers” tell us the shunt revision should fix the problem.

Oh, how I’m praying it does.

His optimism is contagious. Our relief was visible, I’m sure.

After he left, and we’d had a chance to pass on the info to our family, we returned to Hope’s room.

What a joy! She is almost totally herself again! She watched us. She followed us. She looked at us. She responded to us.

What a relief!

I can come up with 100 possible different reasons why she was behaving strangely, but only one good reason why she’s not now.


Thank you, prayer warriors. God heard you. Our amazing God. Our healer. Our Great Physician. Our ever-present help in times of trouble. Our Father heard us, and answered our prayer.

Is everything over? Has every part of her body been healed and made whole? I don’t know.

Will He do that? I don’t know. I don’t pretend to know the mind of God.

But I’ll choose to thank God for every miracle He does give us.

And she is 100 different miracles every day.

That’s a lot to be thankful for.


2 comments on “Ask and it will be given

  1. Diannia says:

    Thank You Lord for Your miracle working power. And thank You Lord for a daughter and son-in-law who look for, see, and expect miracles. Who love the Lord Jesus, lean on Him, and live their lives training their family to do the same. I see Jesus in both of you.

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