Undeserved Gifts

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I have an amazing little baby girl. But if you don’t know me personally, what you may not have realized and should know is that she is not my only child.

I have 2 other awesome, intelligent, funny, graceful, joyful little girls.

Ok, maybe not so graceful since at the ages of 3.5 and almost 2, they fall down…..a lot.

But a different kind of grace.

An undeserved gift. The gift of children.

I always knew if I had a little girl, her middle name would be Grace for that reason.

This is our “Grace.”

My tender-hearted 3.5 year old who tells me 20 times a day, “I love you, Mommy.” The one who falls apart if you just look at her sternly; she’s our sensitive one. The one who pushes our buttons and melts our hearts…sometimes in that immediate order. She loves to “have snuggles” and praise is a big deal to her.

This little girl has been missing her mommy something fierce these last few months, but she’s strong and she’s an amazing big sister. Sometimes she even forgets she’s the big sister and thinks she’s mommy.

I don’t know a person who knows her that does not adore her. What a woman she is going to be.

After God blessed us with Grace, a “gift” we thought we might never have (that’s a story for a future post), in his wonderful way, he blessed us with Joy.

This is our “Joy.”

Oh, how aptly we named her (all of them really). She is our happy little, gap-toothed clown. From the beginning, she was the smiliest (yes, that’s a word), baby I’d ever known. She may only be almost 2, but this kid has a sense of humor. She also knows how to work her unbelievably long lashes and big blue eyes to her advantage. My husband and I comment at times that her future husband is not going to know what hit him.

Boy, does she get into things her big sister never even thought of. A sneaky one and a climber. She flashes that smile, bats those eyes, and you can barely remember why you’re mad at her.

Then there is our “Hope.”

She’s spent at least 10 of her 15 weeks of life in a hospital bed. She’s a tough little cookie with an attitude. When she’s mad, she lets us know it. But she loves to cuddle and she can win a staring contest any day of the week…when she’s in a good mood. We still have a lot to learn about this little doodlebug’s personality, but I can’t wait to find out.

I don’t deserve these girls, these “gifts,” but by the grace of God they have been entrusted to me, and they are a blessing.

I love my girls. All 3. I just wanted you to know that. To know that Hope is not my entire world, and everything does not revolve around her…though it may feel like it at times.

I have 2 other very special little girls who need their mommy and daddy right now too. This has been hard for them, and they are trying to understand….

Why their world has been turned upside down.
Why they have to stay with Grandma or Na-Na….again.
Why they don’t see their mommy for days at a time because she’s at the hospital…again.
Why there are nurses in their home almost every day…the home they have spent much of the last 4 months away from.
Why their baby sister is so sick.
Why she doesn’t breathe, eat or play like they do…or even like she did when she first came home.

Their struggling just to understand why.

I have THREE beautiful daughters who are struggling through this ordeal, so when you say a prayer for Hope, say a prayer for my other girls too, please.


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