Just smile

We’ve hit the one month mark! We’ve actually been home a full month!

I think Hope is just as happy as we are about this because SHE SMILED TODAY!


You read me right. She’s done things before that we called smile, but we’ve never been totally sure. It has never really shown in her eyes.

But today, oh yes, she smiled.

It was beautiful.

I actually thought I would cry (probably would have if the nurse wasn’t right there and we weren’t in the middle of giving her a bath and doing trach care).

In fact, the second time, it almost looked as if she were laughing. LAUGHING!

I already knew this little one was going to be spoiled, but if she keeps doing that, we’ll be powerless.

In other news, a PRAISE REPORT and a PRAYER REQUEST.

PRAISE: Her right foot DOES NOT need a cast. Yay! What was thought to be a “dropped foot” is actually a contracture. Basically, the muscles that pull her foot down are working better than the ones that pull it up. It just needs some physical therapy.

Prayer request: The orthopedist wants an x-ray of her right hip because he’s afraid it’s displaced. Something the PT in the hospital had concern about 2 months ago, but we were told by someone that it was fine. However, it must not be too terribly serious because we don’t return for the x-ray for 4 weeks.

Also, one of our pediatricians has recommended Hope receive a medication called Synagis. It is apparently a very expensive drug given once a month September through March to prevent RSV – something common and easily overcome by a healthy child (similar to a cold), but potentially threatening for a child like her. We’ve never heard of it, and know very little about it, so we’re considering this carefully. If you know anything about, please enlighten us!

We had our first speech therapy session. Based on what I’ve seen, my fear is that overcoming her swallowing problems might take longer than we had hoped, but I hold onto hope that come Spring/Summer of next year, she will be rid of all her “attachments.”

Otherwise, she continues to grow, show signs of physical and mental development and is the healthiest she’s ever been.

Keep praying!


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