In which I clarify….sort of

It seems my last post may warrant further explanation.

Let me start by restating the intentions of my blog.

My first and greatest intention and motivation in my writing is honesty, and through that honesty – ministry.

I stated from day one that I would be honest. Sometimes brutally honest.

Honest about motherhood.

Honest about parenting a “special needs” or medically-complex child.

Honest about homemaking.

And eventually, honest about homeschooling (once we enter that chapter).

My main focus lately has been our medically-complex child. My hope has been that through our struggles, we could be an encouragement to others. Others who are themselves walking where we have walked, and those who, though they may never experience anything like we have, may one day find themselves walking a friend or family member through it.

Our prayer when we began this journey was that God would give us a testimony.

And he has!

I am thankful that we have been able to encourage, influence and inspire so many, and that through my writing I’ve reached people I would have never otherwise reached.

Hopefully, I’ve been able to open a few eyes to the pain and joys of an experience such as ours.

That being said. My intention has NEVER been to make others feel guilty and definitely not to elicit pity.

Do NOT feel sorry for us.

Do NOT feel personally attacked by my honest feelings.

We as humans, and as Christians especially, have made a lifestyle of hiding our true feelings. Hiding our struggles. Hiding our needs. Hiding who we are.

Afraid to ask for help. Afraid to be honest.

My goal is to overcome that…for myself and others.

Let’s get real people. With ourselves. With each other. With God.

If I’ve learned nothing else through this experience, I’ve at least learned that I need God and I need people.

I cannot do everything alone.

In regards to my previous post…I’m okay. I don’t feel unloved or uncared for. I wasn’t trying to make anyone feel guilty for not calling us. Honestly, I wasn’t.

So many people have done so many amazing things for us. It’s been unbelievable. However, so many friends told me things like, “I wanted to call you, but I didn’t want to bother you/I didn’t want to wake the kids/I knew you were busy/etc.” I just wanted people to know it’s okay. When someone is hurting, it’s okay to bother them….because most likely, you aren’t.

You might be just the voice they need to hear at just that moment.

It was just a reminder. Just to plant a seed…a thought for the future (for myself and others). To remember what’s important, especially when a friend is in need. Helping isn’t always as complicated as we make it. Sometimes just calling to say a kind word is enough.

Believe me, I needed to realize that as much or more than anyone else.

And I hope I remember it in the future when someone else is in need…because I’m usually the one saying, “I was going to call you, but….”



One comment on “In which I clarify….sort of

  1. I had to write a post like this too, after people read my book.

    I was loved through, and I was cared-for. And still, as people heard our story, they felt that they should have done more.

    My husband said this:
    It is always true that we should be more loving.
    It is always true that we should allow ourselves to receive more love.

    I think he’s right.
    And I love your call for honesty. We need, Him, each other, help, grace, forgiveness, everything. We NEED.
    No reason to fake it. Grace allows us to be that needy child ๐Ÿ™‚
    To be weak and loved.
    That’s the mission of my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad we are connected. I think God is teaching us some of the same things.

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