About Me

I am a stay-at-home wife and mom to 3 beautiful girls seeking the heart of Christ in my daily life. I’m an avid talker, updater, researcher…so I figure, why not add blogger? My poor husband already has to live w/ and listen to 4 females. Why not give myself another outlet and give his ears a break?

What can you expect to read about?

Motherhood – You will know my littles as Grace, Joy and Hope…each of which is appropriately named. Grace is our tender heart, Joy our “class clown,” and Hope our tough little fighter. My “job” is to teach them to follow Christ passionately and to train them to be Godly daughters, sisters, and eventually wives and mothers. How to actually do that is something we are learning as we go.

Homemaking – I desperately want to learn the art of homemaking. The catch is that I don’t usually enjoy cooking…or laundry….or cleaning…..the list goes on. I do enjoy a clean house though, so I WANT to want to do these things. I would love to learn to sew, can foods, crochet, and numerous other things. I’d love a garden (we’ve got the space for it), but I’ve yet to determine if gardening is something I enjoy.

Homeschooling – My girls are not schooling age yet, but who says you can’t prepare early? Since I am an avid researcher of anything that peaks my interest (ie. homeschool), I already have every curriculum catalog in existence….and if I don’t, tell me which one I’m missing because I MUST have it! Homeschool is something I never thought I’d consider, but it has become abundantly clear to hubby and I that this is the educational calling for our family.

Special Needs Parenting – Our sweet little Hope was born April 2012 with “special needs.” This is a new experience and an area of constant growth and learning (along with much research). We were aware of some of these needs when I was pregnant. However, the list of her medical issues has lengthened…and continues to lengthen. I have been sharing my journey with friends on Facebook. Now I would like to chronicle our experience in a more permanent place, so that not only can she read it one day, but also that it might encourage someone else.

I am by no means an expert in any of these areas. In fact, I would consider myself a novice in all, but hey, we can learn together, right? My hope is to bless, encourage, or enlighten you….or maybe just make you laugh. After all, laughter is good medicine. So, pull up a seat and join the conversation. I’ve always got something to say….just ask my husband.


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