And so it begins…

Right now, I’m sitting in the middle of a messy house, but the mess can wait. The mess will be here tomorrow…even if I do clean it today. I thought it was about time I started a blog. Somewhere to share my thoughts, insights, whines, recommendations and frustrations…oh, and lists. Lots of lists. I’m a listmaker. Love ’em. Need ’em. Can’t live without ’em. I need a place to vent all those things floating around in my brain…rather than the 20 Facebook posts a day I’ve been known to make. What better time to start than right now. Now that we’ve opened this new chapter in the life of our family – me as a stay-at-home mom. What fun (and stress-relief) to have a record of all the trials and tribulations, laughs and tears, ups and downs of mastering the domestic world.

In addition to working towards my PhD in domestic engineering, we will be venturing into the world of home school before we know it. Yeah, I know my oldest is only 2.5 years old, but just yesterday she was 2.5 months old, and before we know it, she’ll be 25 years old, so really school is just around the corner….and it’s never to early to start educating your children. We do it everyday already…it will just have some structure to it now. Hence, I have begun my research. Just today, the girls and I dragged ourselves out into the stifling hot GA/SC heat and into the book stores where I picked up 3 secondhand books on home schooling. I also picked up one on activities to do with toddlers – just for fun – and I’ve put in bids on several other books on Ebay.

Here’s what I’ve picked up so far:

The Heart of Home Schooling: Teaching & Living What Really Matters by Christopher Klicka

So You’re Thinking About Home Schooling by Lisa Welchel

Getting Started on Home Learning: How and Why to Teach Your Kids at Home by Rebecca Rupp

Things to Do with Toddlers and Twos by Karen Miller

I’m waiting on my Ebay auction for:

Mary Pride’s Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling

I also can’t wait to buy Before Five in a Row to get started on our preschool studies…but we’ve got time. No point in trying to make my little ones grow up too fast. Let them be little. School will come….then it will go and they will be grown. That’s why these years are so important. That’s why we’ve made this oh-so-important decision – mommy staying home and mommy teaching the kids. It’s so important to teach them everything we can while we can in a way that glorifies God. Here’s praying we do a good job. Thanks for joining us in this adventure. Enjoy the ride.